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Term & Conditions has laid out the terms and conditions below in proper order which applies to the information, its mentioned related details and to act of immediate placement of any products or services from the website. The main purpose which these terms and conditions serve is the action of prescribing authoritative applications and supply of medicines or treatment will be determined as purchases or orders in our sight. Please note down that by placing an order, you agree to accept these below mentioned terms and conditions. You are bound to the limitations which we have fixed.

Contact us:

Just by clicking the contact us button, you can directly talk to us which is readily available on the tab related header. When you hit that button, a ticket is raised immediately and we get indulged in your serious query and deal with it perfectly.

Website Information:

We always try to make available the accurate and relevant information on our webpage but we can't guarantee that the details and its related information is entirely correct. We don't provide any warranty for the details and information which we have provided as all the details and information which is printed on the website, reach us straight from the actual manufacturer of that particular product.

We can't be held responsible in any situation, circumstance or condition for any loss arising from trusting the information or details given of the website.

Description of Products:

  • The information and description of the products which you see on the website is final and we allow the right to change these details and information at any given point of time, if and only if the effectiveness and quality of the product is not affected in any way.
  • We dismiss the right to change the price of any of the products without taking responsibility and the right to withdraw any product from the website immediately without any notification or warning.
  • We are not involved in the manufacturing process of any of the products listed on the website directly or indirectly.

  • Payment Instructions:

  • You will have to pay the price mentioned at the time of placing the order on the website and it will be final. In case the price of the product increases or decreases, it will not be applicable to already processed orders.
  • Payment will be deducted or taken from the billing information or details provided by the customer during placing the order. We dismiss the right to have payment till 14 days, following the order date of the product as long as the customer is notified properly and they don't state their opposition to the actual payment which is successfully processed within 24 hours.
  • All the consumers need to remember that payment may be taken in USD, GBP, or Euros as it depends mostly on the method of processing the currencies. Only consumer needs to bear the charge debited for any conversion by the credit card company of particular customer.

  • Order and Delivery of the Products:

  • We will arrange the delivery of the products on the given address which was provided during placing the order.
  • If it comes to our notice that there is any kind of error in the delivery details and information given by you, we won't be responsible for non-delivery of the ordered product.
  • In case we receive excess orders from one particular customer, we reserve the right to decline the order immediately, without assigning any reason to the customer.
  • If a customer orders the product within 28 days of vacating the address, then we won't be held responsible for not receiving the ordered product in any possible way.
  • We advise our customers to read our delivery policy to know the list of countries where we deliver the products.

  • Cancellation of orders:

    Before dispatching of the product from our facility, any customer can cancel their placed order at any point of time as an order can't be cancelled if we have dispatched it. In some specific situation, the paid amount might be refunded (read our refund policy).

    General Information:

  • All the products you check on our website are for personal use only and must not be sold in the open market to earn profit.
  • All the promotions you see on our website is for a limited period only.
  • We can't be held responsible for any problem arising out of the incorrect contact information and details provided to us and which could have been solved immediately with the correct contact information and details.

  • Refund Policy:

  • Refunds will be accepted only under the following conditions:
  • If you inform us about the request for a refund within 24 hours of ordering the product.
  • If the products are returned back to our warehouse with same quantity within 7 days of receipt and without any damage.
  • If any of the customers get product replacement due to the shortage of stock, then he or she can send the products to us and receive a refund within 7 days of receipt of the ordered product.
  • We don't pay the cost of delivering the products back to us.

  • Privacy Policy:

    Our website use cookies to remember the details and information about the shopping cart of the customers.
    When customers visit our website, we collect details and information like their IP address, time of visit, ISP and what pages they have checked out based on their purpose.


  • While browsing the website and its webpages, you agree to our terms and conditions.
  • We are not responsible if you opt to visit other sites before or after this website.
  • We move forward by assuming that you have read our terms and conditions fully with proper understanding before taking our service or involving in it.
  • We don't take any responsibility for the accuracy of any detail or information published on our website for the existing and potential customers of our products.

  • Extra Charges:

    It is possible that some credit card companies may charge you extra for oversea purchases. These charges are levied between 1 to 3% of the transaction value, depending on the bank of the credit card. As far as currency conversion is concerned, The CNY is the processing currency of China and also the bank is located within China. It clearly states that the transaction done in any currency is received in the same amount but converted by the processing bank at the point of sale to process it in the currency of China. This may result in little change in the value of the transaction and it is charged to the customer and also an Fx fee is applied by bank for the settlement of the transaction.

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